Carrying the new collection of interactive games.

Carrying out similar games with children promotes their development of emotional intelligence and helps to the teacher to create in a class the friendly atmosphere of mutual aid, trust, benevolent and open communication of children with each other and with the teacher, facilitating thereby process of the joint training.

Naturally, we not incidentally listed these values as I believe that today it is especially important to strengthen psychological communications between children, to develop their ability to establish and keep in touch because more and more children suffer from loneliness and isolation.

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Mahomed did not become

Mahomed did not become At midnight, when Movsur and his young the wife fell asleep, Mahomed heard some rustle.

It opened also saw a door that a floor of the room rose and seemed head of a dragon.

Mahomed did not become puzzled he grabbed the saber, ran in to the room and chopped up a snake on pieces.

Movsur woke up early in the morning and saw the cut dragon, and near it the sleeping Mahomed.

He woke the friend and asked to explain how he learned that at night to them the dragon will get.

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He studies

He studies It is clear that you do not place it next to her on a day, but he knows that this is done in such form, and in him there is no other you the turn.

He studies in adults and agrees with it, he does not see this as the limitation does not struggle against it, its nature begins to work to take it and run.

Otherwise he will suffer.

So the body when standing restrictions.

If a child has done something wrong, or you want to teach it to a specific behavior how to behave, if not to punish?

It is necessary to repeat the incident, to debate and to explain.

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Each child

Each child Children have to think and tell to that they have to on to study in the childhood that in the future it was easier for them to get profession of which they dreaM. Game Whose Destiny Is Better Children get up in a circle and receive cards with drawings of times ny animals and birds.

Each child on behalf of the one who nariso van on his card, has to tell that in him the most neo byknovenny.

Then ask children to exchange the cards and races to tell that will happen to inhabitants of the wood, if for one day they will turn each other.

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By means of this

By means of this The instruction to carrying out game This game should be held in the summer, when children on kaplivat many new impressions about the nature, see birds, insects which movements they imitate in game.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty observation, activity, initiative.

Children practise in run, in jumps.

Tag Description of game.

Children are in different places of a platform a side tsy it are designated by tags.

Appointed it is sung tel or chosen as children a pyatnashka, having received color ny bandage ribbon, becomes on the middle plo shchadka.

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